The Parthenon

Mothman Festival flies into Point Pleasant

John Cole Glover, reporter

September 17, 2015

The 14th Annual Mothman Festival begins Friday, Sept. 19 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The event celebrates the mystery behind the Mothman sightings during the 1960’s and brings people from all over the world to the river town during the two-day celebration. “We are expecting 6,000 to 7,000...

Locals gather for Blues and Arts Festival

Local band Mojomatic takes the stage Saturday at the Sixth Annual Diamond Teeth Mary Blues and Arts Festival at Heritage Station.

Kalyn Bordman, Reporter

August 30, 2015

The end of summer brought the blues to Huntington. The sixth annual Diamond Teeth Mary Blues and Arts Festival held this past weekend welcomed people from across the region to support local artists and enjoy the sunshine and festivities at the Heritage Station. “I came to the festival today with...


Owner Nicholas Taylor
(left) stands beside his
mobile kitchen at a recent
engagement party the
business catered.

Jocelyn Gibson, Executive Editor

June 17, 2015

Hard work means hearty eating—something new business owner Nicholas Taylor aims to accommodate with his pop-up restaurant and catering service Fair to Middlin’. “There’s definitely a desire for street food. There’s a need for street food,” Taylor. “What we’re doing with Fair to Midd...

W.Va. no longer ‘Open for Business’


April 6, 2015

West Virginia cannot seem to understand what its own best interests are. At least not the legislators. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin recently signed legislation that would prevent Tesla motors from selling its vehicles in the state. Weird move coming from the state whose entire livelihood exists around pr...

#MeganMusicMonday: Festival lineups get graded

Megan Osborne, Life! Editor

April 5, 2015

It’s here, y’all. Festival season is upon us. The lineups have been dropped (though we’re still waiting on some holes to be filled), and anyone who knows me well knows I’ve been contemplating how much money I can realistically spend on music festival tickets. This year’s lineups have made that ta...

Do it for the deer


March 3, 2015

Of all the arguments against marijuana legalization, saving the rabbit population has got to be the dumbest one yet. A DEA agent recently used the argument if marijuana were legalized in Utah, the state’s rabbits would develop a taste for the plant, resulting in a very stoned rabbit population. Oh,...

W. Va. 20-week abortion ban not in best interest of victims


February 23, 2015

Earlier this month, lawmakers in the West Virginia House passed H.B. 2368, which bans abortions after 20 weeks. What these lawmakers fail to consider are the women carrying the fetus they are trying to save. The bill did include exemptions if a mother’s life was in danger or the fetus wasn’t medi...