West Edge Factory opens doors for 15 hours of music, arts

Huntington’s West Edge Factory will open its doors for 15 straight hours of music and arts during “Manifest” Saturday.

The event is presented by Underground Industries, a “community within a community” that works to help network and promote local artistry.

“There are just so many talented young people around here that haven’t had a stage to play on and now we can provide an audience and network with a lot of the venues in the tri-state area; and so it really becomes like a family,” manager Stacey Pearson said.

The venue will have live music split into two unique sessions, with an “art focus” intermission between sets to put the spotlight on the art vendors hosting tables.

Groups The Settlement and Beggars Clan are scheduled to play while art vendors display their crafts from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

After the art intermission, music will resume from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. with electronic music from the Underground Industries community, including artists Veil, Tripster, Keytone, Charlie Brown Superstar and BW Stylz.

“The night session is our true underground style,” Pearson said.

Underground Industries has a roster approaching 25 DJs from southern West Virginia and the Eastern Panhandle.

Pearson said her organization has a following that brings forth numerous people, whether they are planning events for venues in Huntington or Charleston.

Underground Industries was established and assisted by all of the acts scheduled for the nighttime stage at Manifest, including Trey Zuspan, Alex Saunders, Scott Grant and Brett Fuller.

Pearson said she credits Brandon West, known as B.W. Stylz, with helping her get the “foundation” started with the community project.

Lance Lykins, known as Lancelott, is a contributor to the project who, instead of attending the festival, will be touring and producing nationally.

“I’m kind of like the momma bear with that,” Pearson said. “It’s kind of like seeing your kids grow up and be successful.”

The West Edge factory is located at 1040 Vernon Street near Huntington’s west end, with doors opening around 12 p.m.

Ryan Fischer can be contacted at [email protected].