Editorial: Big networks could be the downfall of journalism

Does the average American really know where their news comes from?

What’s to say that the icy sting of corporate greed or agendas hasn’t already corrupted your favorite news networks?

Should citizens so blindly allow these large name networks and organizations to freely disseminate our information?

Take a step back from the television set and think about who owns these news channels. Currently, Turner Broadcasting System owns CNN, Comcast owns NBC and The Walt Disney Company owns ABC. How much autonomy are these networks given though? This is not to say the majority of large news networks lie, or completely align their material to perpetuate their respective parent companies’ wishes or goals, but just to say people as a whole need to attempt to be more actively aware.

These networks do not care about the news now and its hard to determine if they ever did. It’s about ratings. It’s about who died, who was born and which celebrity endorsed what.

Instead of blindly supporting these large organizations, lend more of your support to local organizations. The Herald-Dispatches of the world need your readership. The hardworking journalists in your respective towns, whether their beats be entertainment, sports, or they’re stuck just writing obituaries for the time being, deserve attention. These men and women are out, rifling through leads, scoring interviews and busting their asses to bring their original, important content to a dying format. The least people can do is pick up an issue every now and then and actually see what’s happening in their neighborhoods.

Playing into big network sensationalism has been nothing but detrimental to the sanctity of journalism. It is only through unwavering support can the banality of big news been broken apart to give way to the epigram of actual, hard hitting, pertinent news.