ATO goes homeless, raises money for Huntington City Mission

Britanie Morgan, Reporter

If you were wondering why there was a cardboard box house on the front lawn of the Student Center last week, here is your answer: Alpha Tau Omega goes homeless for its annual philanthropy event for ATO. It raises money for the Huntington city mission.

Jordan Fanelli, ATO Philanthropy chair, said the event was designed to raise awareness about the homeless community.

“We live with luxuries everyday, and there are people out there that don’t have those luxuries,” Fanelli said.

This year, ATO added the lunch bag campaign to the event. Donations of $5 can be made to help make a bag lunch for someone in need. This, along with the coat drive from Marshall medical outreach and the Greek competition (in which organizations compete to raise the most money and win a gift card), were the major fundraisers for the event.

ATO Goes Homeless has been organized during warmer months in the past. However, Fanelli said this time of year is a better fit.

“It’s a time of giving,” Fanelli said. “It just feels good giving back to the community, not only to raise awareness, but show that we as a fraternity care about those who aren’t as privileged.”

Pledge Carl Boyles said he was happy to get involved and help those who were struggling.

“There are a lot of people who are struggling,” Boyles said. “Some people come across tough times, and they just need some type of help, and we are trying to make sure they get what they need.”

The fundraising concluded with a service event at the Huntington City Mission Saturday.

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