Music keeps Huntington alive over spring break

Spending spring break in Huntington can seem like a dim prospect when hearing about everyone’s beach trip or some extravagant European tour, but it doesn’t have to be any less exciting on the home front.
The solution small-town, landlocked America uses to answer the residual ‘what the hell is there to do?’ is music, some of the only live entertainment left beating after the masses of students bail for the coasts.
Charleston band A Story Told will release its new album “Keep Watch” towards the end of spring break on March 25. A Story Told will begin previewing material starting March 18 in Jackson, Ohio.
“I think that initially the biggest stump or stop for us was creating the different types of songs,” said vocalist Alex Chaney.
Drummer Josh Allen said the band had spent about a year writing and recording the record after “hitting it hard” in 2014.
The V-Club kicks spring break off with a handful of solid rock performances March 18 with Another Lost Year, as well as Betrayed by the Bullet from Parkersburg and local group Zero Dark Thirty.
Continuing the early-bird vibes on March 19, West Virginia experimental band Qiet will unveil their new album “Kiss of the Universe” at the V-Club. The Company Stores and Spencer Elliot will join Qiet at the V-Club for a night-long show.
After a brief intermission through March 23, the music will pick back up with Of The Dell and Jordan Andrew Jefferson playing their semi-regular set at Black Sheep Burritos and Brews.
Rumpke Mountain Boys will also be celebrating the release of their new album “High Time Low Tide” with Moonshine Crossing on March 25.
Wrapping up spring break, local DJ J.R. Clark’s set Grown Ass Folks will take the V-Club stage March 26 for his Spring Break Edition performance.
Clark said the show would contain “a whole new set of music” after his wintertime hiatus.
Grown Ass Folks is likely to get the dance floor shaking with their disco-house set, providing a universally upbeat tempo for those prepping for the return to class.
“Grown Ass Folks kind of tries to spin the idea of a Saturday night dance party,” Clark said.
Although Clark said he will be spending spring break Huntington style, his main focus is set on the upcoming show.
“My only focus over spring break is putting together an awesome box set that will make everyone dance their asses off,” Clark said.
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