SGA topics include internal improvements and election

The senate was asked to consider potential areas of improvement within the organization and discussed the ongoing election at Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting.

Senator Sophia Mills received applause after she addressed the criticism SGA has received in the two student body debates.

Mills said SGA should be more focused on recruiting members who are dedicated to showing up to meetings and benefitting the organization.

“I looked at the GroupMe and there are like 60 people that are supposed to be here,” Mills said. “Then I look at the room and there are like 25. I just think that, if they’re not pulling their weight, then they definitely shouldn’t be allowed to be here.”

Treasurer Matt Jarvis relayed a humorous anecdote about his experience with the Students for Reproductive Justice’s bake sale. Jarvis then encouraged senators to get to know on-campus organizations and the constituents from their respective colleges.

“I know it’s funny, but those are your student agencies,” Jarvis said. “Those are your constituents. Go talk to them. See what they’re needing. See what they’re wanting. Then see how we can implement those in SGA.”

President pro tempore Alex O’Donnell did not have a message from vice president Isabelle Rogner this week. However, O’Donnell spoke on Rogner’s behalf with regards to the referendum on this year’s election ballot that could establish a bus system at Marshall as soon as next fall.

“I’m pretty sure that her one main message is that, if you have not voted for Referendum 1, also known as the bus system proposal, please do so and vote ‘yes,’” O’Donnell said.

According to O’Donnell, Referendum 1 will need at least 60 percent of the vote to be passed. O’Donnell said those in the senate should encourage anyone who hasn’t voted to vote.

“If you know of anyone who hasn’t voted, please encourage them to vote,” O’Donnell said. “Not just for president and senators, but also just for the system because that is actual policy that we can implement.

During O’Donnell’s executive address, he recommended all freshmen and senior students take the National Survey of Student Engagement. O’Donnell said the survey is used for both assessment and quality assurance and is a way to influence major decisions within the administration.

The senate passed funding bills for MU Smash and Alpha Phi Omega. The senate also moved funding bills for Women’s Lacrosse and Marshall University Young Democrats to the finance committee.

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