Dinner for a dollar continues

Marshall University’s Catholic Newman Center feeds members of the community each week spiritually and physically.

Dinner for a Dollar is held at 6 p.m. in the Catholic Center every Thursday.

Campus minister Traci Ferguson said they want to feed students and faculty who may not have access to a hot meal otherwise.

“Especially during the cold winter, we want to give students access to a warm meal,” Ferguson said. “Even students who have meal plans get burnt out on cafeteria food and just need something home cooked after a long week.”

Ferguson said even though they usually do not break even funds wise, it is still a wonderful outreach to those in need.

“For us, it’s not about the money,” Ferguson said. “Obviously, we usually don’t even break even, but it’s about feeding those who may not get this kind of meal anywhere else. It’s about making sure their needs are met.”

Ferguson said the Catholic Center will also partner with other organizations to work on this project together.

“We encourage other organizations, particularly those that have a basis in community service, to volunteer to cook dinner for a week or two,” Ferguson said. “It is a wonderful outreach. This project is both simple and incredibly fulfilling.”

The dinner usually varies from week to week, but everything is made fresh in the Catholic Center.

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