Father Dean to answer students’ questions about faith

Students will have the opportunity to ask anything they have ever wanted to know about the Catholic faith.

The parish for Marshall University’s campus will answer questions from students at an event called “Ask Father Dean.”

Campus minister Traci Ferguson said this event is usually held once per semester. Ferguson said the event gives students a chance to learn anything they want to know.

“So basically, students can ask any question that they have ever wanted to ask a Catholic priest,” Ferguson said. “Anything ranging from questions about why Catholic do certain things, the history of the religion, questions about Father Dean’s personal faith journey and questions about your own faith struggles are on the table.”

Ferguson said students write down their questions on slips of paper that Dean will draw one by one from a hat. Ferguson said these questions usually provoke a deep and meaningful conversation about life, religion and faith.

Ferguson said she especially likes to hold this event when students are nearing the end of a process the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults because it gives them the chance to ask any questions they feel are still unanswered in their minds.

“This program gives RCIA students the chance to ask any last-minute things they feel they need to know before accepting the sacraments at Easter,” Ferguson said. “It gives these students the opportunity to tie up any loose ends that may be left in their minds.”

“Ask Father Dean” will take place after Dinner for a Dollar Thursday evening at the Catholic Newman Center.

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