Marshall students deserve a strong SGA


Jared Casto

Carla Lapelle, interim dean of student affairs, swears in apprentices as senators at Student Government Association meeting.

Student Government Association elections will soon be underway.

While some view SGA positions as coveted and have tried their entire college careers to get involved, other students are disenchanted with the process.

The mysticism involved with the title of “SGA president” has all but faded away: to some students, this position reads more of a figurehead rather than someone who will actually make change in the university.

Connections between current president Duncan Waugaman and interim university president Gary White were obviously great, seeing as Waugaman had referred to White as a close friend multiple times. Where’s the transparency? What really went on during all of those long hours spent in the president’s house? It needs to be said there is nothing to prevent the opinions of higher ups to be placed onto those in SGA positions.

The university will only benefit from students who are steadfast with opinions that cannot be swayed.

Marshall University students don’t deserve a candidate who only seeks to gain a popularity boost through the election.Students deserve someone who has truly cared for the university, perhaps even before their freshman year. Students, also don’t deserve someone who will wait until the week of the election to do their networking.

Marshall students deserve someone who has been making connections since day one.

Students should vote for the candidate who matches their morals and ideas for the campus as closely as possible. As for SGA hopefuls, the idea of receiving pay or multiple stipends should not be the sole reason for announcing candidacy. Candidates need to remember these positions are here for students and the advancement of things campus or student orientated.

Students need someone who will view them as a living, conscious body of people instead of just more numbers or enrollment data.