PepsiCo gives students internship opportunities

Marshall University students interested in working for PepsiCo met with representatives who have had first-hand experience with the company Monday in the Memorial Student Center.

Key account manager Ashley Roberts and former intern Jordan Leishar spoke to a group of students about internship and full-time job opportunities with Pepsi.

Roberts gave an overview of the company and Leishar explained what she did during her internship. After the presentations, Roberts gave out new Pepsi products and students asked questions about the company and its opportunities.

Roberts, who has been with the company for over a year, began her presentation by telling the group about two key components of the company. The first was all Pepsi products could be split into three categories: “good for you,” “better for you” and “fun for you.”

The second component Roberts shared was Pepsi’s “Performance with Purpose.” The idea is that everything the company does is for a purpose and the initiative is split into three groups: human sustainability, environmental sustainability and talent sustainability.

Roberts ended her presentation by explaining the importance of movability to the company. Roberts explained that the more willing an employee is to relocate, the more opportunities they will receive.

Roberts also said the Pepsi offers assistance to its moving employees.

Leishar explained her internship with Pepsi during summer 2015. Leishar said the most important part of the internship is what Pepsi calls onboarding.

Leishar said onboarding typically lasts six weeks and is the process of internships being exposed to every lower-level job. The point is when employees get promotions, they will understand the jobs of those they are in charge of.

Leishar said she enjoyed the fact that the job was physical and enjoyed participating in the display competitions among the interns.

At the end of the meeting, Roberts gave the group three new flavors of Mountain Dew KickStart and said Baja Blast and Crystal Pepsi would be released again soon.

Senior Mitchell Bennett said the meeting was informational and he would apply for a fulltime job. Bennett said he heard about the meeting in his logistics class and will graduate in May.

Applications for internships and full-time jobs are due March 16. Interviews will be on campus the same day.

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