United Methodist Students and Ukirk provide “Financial Freedom” to students

The United Methodist Students and UKirk on Marshall University’s campus will be teaming up to provide a series of workshops to students entitled “Financial Freedom.”

Interim campus minister Ellen Dawson said she and Campus Minister Ben Wells wanted to provide a service that would be useful to all students.

“He [Wells] and I both heard various stories from students in our ministries about saving money, paying bills, budgets, debt, etc.,” Dawson said. “We thought this would be something lots of Marshall students might want to come to.”

Dawson said she and Wells would be the main speakers at the event. Dawson said Wells has previously taught a course called “Financial Peace” that she had taken before.

“We are hoping to pass on basic tips and really do some education so college students will be more equipped than we were when we were in college,” Dawson said.

Dawson said she hopes this workshop series will make students aware of the skills they need to develop to properly handle their finances.

“We hope students will gain awareness and develop a healthier relationship with money,” Dawson said.  “If you have the tools to truly manage your money and make a plan, you can reduce a lot of anxiety and stress in your life.”

The workshops begin at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in Memorial Student Center room 2W37. The first workshop is entitled “Finding a Balance: Taking Control of Your Finances.”

Workshops will take place every Wednesday for the next three weeks.

Nancy Peyton can be contacted at [email protected].