INTO program relieves stress

The Marshall University INTO program opened its doors to all students Thursday for an activity all can relate to. International students along with students from all across the country made stress balls at the INTO center.

The activity was planned to provide students with an outlet to relieve stress while also socializing with peers.

Student engagement coordinator Ken Jones organized the stress relief activity.  Making the stress balls was the recreation activity that correlated with a study prep session at the Student Resource Center.

Jones said he tries to plan programs during the busy times of the semester. One learning activity and one recreational or social activity comprise the program.

“I refer to myself as an environmental engineer because I engineer learning environments for students to engage in,” Jones said.

Jones said the most rewarding part of his job is being able to engage students that would not normally be engaged in activities that are new to them. Jones is coordinating a similar event to the stress relief program to be used during finals week.

Freshman dietetics major Olivia Yeow not only made a stress ball during Thursday’s activities but taught others how to do it as well. Yeow said the activity provided her with a tool to lower her stress during midterms.

“While making the stress ball we can also be social with other students,” Yeow said.

As midterms come to a close and the semester continues on, Jones and the INTO center will move some of its activities to the area outside of the center. Jones looks forward to planning activities for the international students to learn more about the university’s culture.

Elayna Conard can be contacted at [email protected].