CAB launches new website

Marshall University’s Campus Activities Board will launch its new official website Thursday.

The new website will be mobile-friendly and will have several new features including an interactive calendar that lists all upcoming CAB events and a photo and video gallery.

“We want to make something that is more fun and more interactive with the students, something that grab their attentions and show all of our events so they always know what is going on,” said CAB advisor Sarah Dyke. “And if they have any questions about Campus Activities Board, most of the questions can be answer there. If not, they know directly how to contact us and they just never have to miss an event because it is already right in front of them.”

The board is also planning ways to promote its new site. According to CAB advisor and coordinator of student activities Lee Tabor, the site will feature giveaways and post the same announcements seen on CAB’s social media accounts. 

A raffle will be held on the website, where students can fill out a survey to have a chance to win a wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Tabor said CAB will use the new website in some of its events, including an on-campus scavenger hunt in March.

CAB intern Collin Stipetich said the staff members hope the new website will be an evolving medium.

“We want it to be something that can change and grow as, hopefully, CAB changes and grows,” Stipetich said. “We want it to keep getting bigger and better and have more functionality with every chance we can.”

Son Nguyen can be contacted at [email protected].