Love Week at InsideOut


Nancy Peyton

InsideOut worship team members (from left) Brandi Boltz, Justin Hesson and Mason Rimmer open up the Love Week service Monday night at the Campus Christian Center.

InsideOut spread the message of God’s love Monday night in honor of Valentine’s Day.

InsideOut hosted Brent Roberts, youth pastor at Kingdom Life Fellowship Church in Nitro, West Virginia. Roberts discussed the love of God using his own person testimony about his marriage.

“It was done, it was over,” Roberts said. “Four years ago today, we were absolutely over… I didn’t know how to say it, to tell her I was wrong. I just looked at her and said ‘I know I made the biggest mistake of my life.’”

Freshman psychology major Kishauna Harper said she enjoyed hearing Roberts’ honesty.

“I liked that he was real,” Harper said. “Some people say ‘oh yeah, I messed up because of her,’ but he just literally accepted everything.”

Roberts said God was vital in his relationship because he had prayed for the right person to be sent his way.

“God filled the void,” Roberts said. “It wasn’t like I ever felt lonely. It’s not like I was missing something, because I made a sincere commitment to God. I don’t want to waste my time, I don’t want to give my heart to somebody that doesn’t deserve it… I know what I want, so needless to say God sent me the right one.”

Roberts said putting yourself back together alone is difficult. Roberts said that if we reconcile ourselves with God, we can do anything.

“The first thing we have to recognize is that something needs reconciled, something needs put back together,” Roberts said. “God is saying, ‘Once you reconcile to me, you won’t have to do the work on your own.’”

Roberts reiterated the fact that it’s important to give a good example to others of God’s love because when you’re a Christian other people always take note of your actions.

“The days are gone of being our own secret ‘club,’” Roberts said. “People recognize us by the love that we have.”

Roberts said that we should focus on God’s love in all things.

“Everything that we do should flow out of our love for Christ,” Roberts said. “Every relationship we have, everything that we are, it first should flow from the love that we have for Christ and vice versa, because it does go both ways. He first loved us so that we could love him.”

Senior communication disorders major Zach Sturgill said he knew a slower service was exactly what was needed Monday night.

“There’s a reason,” Sturgill said. “Sometimes, all the high-intensity, amazing worship is great; it’s awesome to get excited. But sometimes God just wants us to rest, to just rest in his presence.”

Roberts said being a Christian doesn’t mean that life won’t happen. God’s love simply helps Christians to know how to deal with situations thrown their way.

“Like I said, life is going to happen,” Roberts said. “But whether or not you’ve been raised in church, whether or not you believe in God, it really doesn’t matter. Life is going to happen, and it’s about how you overcome.”

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