Of The Dell releases debut single


Kelsie Tyson

Members of Of The Dell Cody Hatton, CJ Davis, Corey Hatton and Issac Hodges perform at the V-Club Oct. 2.


Huntington rock quartet Of The Dell has released its debut single “Runnin’ on Good Times,” consisting of two of the band’s original songs.

“We just want it raw to sound like it’s live and to interpret the band on the best of their ability,” said Jim Curnutte, producer of the release.

The band is comprised of Corey Hatton, vocals and guitar, Cody Hatton, vocals and bass guitar, CJ Davis, drums and Issac Hodges, guitar.

Of the A-side “Runnin,” Corey Hatton said, “I was sitting at home in 2012, suspended from high school as always, playing guitar and there it was.”

The B-side “Good Time All Of The Time” was co-written by brothers Corey and Cody Hatton.

“Corey got a new 12-string guitar last summer and I wrote the riff,” Cody Hatton said. “I didn’t show it to the guys in the group until a few months ago and we worked with it and made a song out of it.”

The band met Curnutte in early 2015 at different open mic nights; Corey Hatton immediately hit it off with Curnutte because of his interest in Curnutte’s Gretsch electric guitar. Curnutte is known for his work under the monikers Assassin of Silence and J.C. Storyteller.

“They started coming over to my house,” Curnutte said. “I’ve got a studio in my house and they were after me to produce their material because they felt I had the background and knowledge of where they wanted to come from. They wanted it to sound like my first Assassin of Silence album and it’s all come along from there. “

The songs have the vibe of rock songs from the 1960s, which comes to no surprise to those who have seen the band live. Of The Dell tends to incorporate Beatles, Paul McCartney and Grassroots covers into their live performances.

“That’s what we want out of our original music,” Cody Hatton said.

“It’s been an experience so far to work on the single,” Curnutte said. “Basically we work whenever our vibe is there to do it because it’s important to have that connection. The last couple of months have been really chaotic which has helped us with these two songs, especially ‘Running,’ because of the chaos that is trying to be interpreted in the production of the song.”

Curnutte plans to reissue his Assassin of Silence and J.C. Storyteller albums while also working on the full length Of The Dell album. Of The Dell has multiple performances in the area coming up.

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