How to register for Spring 2016 classes


It’s that time of the year for students to meet with their advisers and begin preparing for the spring 2016 semester.

In order to be eligible to register for next semester, it is essential to have a meeting with an academic adviser. Freshmen are required to meet with their advisers and get holds taken off of their accounts.

Typically, freshman do not know what classes to take and advisers can help them get enrolled in their core classes, as well as classes pertaining to their majors.

Seniors are required to schedule a senior evaluation with their advisers in order to ensure they are on the right track for graduation and will have all of the required classes completed to graduate in May.

Other holds could be on students’ accounts for things such as unpaid parking tickets. There might also be adviser holds on student accounts.

If students do not know who their advisers are, they can log onto MyMU and check Degree Works, or find out at the Student Resource Center. If students are undecided on a major, they should go to the SRC for advising.

SRC resource specialist Marlenea Brand said it is essential for students to be fully prepared when it comes time to register for classes.

“My biggest piece of advice as far as registering for classes goes is to make three schedules for yourself beforehand because you never know what classes are going to fill up,” Brand said. “My other piece of advice that I always tell students, make sure you schedule the classes that are going to have the least amount of sections offered or are going to have the most days of the week or are a lab. Labs are a big chunk of time and other classes can be scheduled around it.”

Once students have met with their advisers, they can look up classes to add or drop and create a schedule for themselves.

Students can look up classes by visiting the registrar website and doing a course schedule search for the spring 2016 schedule or search for classes based on subject matter. Students can also search for classes by logging onto MyMU and clicking “registration.” There is an option to add or drop classes, which directs students to a class search. Step-by-step instructions are located in the SRC.

After students locate the courses they need, they need to write down a CRN number. The CRN is a four-digit number listed with the course.

When students are permitted to register, they can type in CRN numbers, click submit and they are ready for the next semester.

Sophomore political science major Claudia Chapman said she thinks creating a schedule before registering makes the process a lot easier.

“I go on MyMU and do a course search for the classes I need,” Chapman said. “I make three schedules in case one of my classes is full and I can move on to a second option. Since I am a sophomore, classes that I need may be filled up by the time I get to schedule so I have a second and third choice available.”

Honors students, athletes and special groups can register beginning Thursday. Registration for seniors is Monday, juniors can register beginning Nov. 10, sophomores can register beginning Nov. 12 and freshman can register beginning Nov. 17.

Cadi Duplaga can be contacted at [email protected].