Possibility of a shorter school year turned down by White


Interim President Gary White did not sign the 14/14 week school calendar suggesting 14 weeks in the Fall 2016 semester and 14 weeks in the Spring 2016 semester.

The Faculty Senate proposed a 14/14 week school calendar and sent the resolution to White to sign and become law. However, White did not agree with the proposal and now Faculty Senate as well as the Student Government Association are back to square one in regards to coming up with a new plan for the next school year.

“Obviously we (SGA) passed a 14/14 resolution a couple of weeks ago, and (Faculty Senate) passed a 14/14 resolution as well, but since it wasn’t signed, they have to go back to something else, so that will most likely mean a 15/15 week solution,” said Alex O’Donnell, the SGA chief of staff.

O’Donnell said he was in a budget and academic policy meeting Friday, Nov. 13 and they considered proposing a 15-week calendar, adding an extra week in the fall semester in December.

Sophomore dietetics major, Allison Wooten, said she hopes the university comes to a conclusion on the situation quickly and takes into consideration the tuition of students.

Tuition continues to increase each year, however, the university used to operate on a 16/16 calendar. Students may become angry if they are paying more in tuition and receiving less time in their courses.

No resolution was found during this meeting and it is still up for debate what will happen for the next school year.

The Budget Academic Policy Committee was emailed a document Wednesday, which included a possible 15/15 week school calendar for next year. Out of the 10 members that voted on the calendar, eight voted in favor.

Members hope to solve the issue during the Dec. 10 Faculty Senate meeting.

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