Popular Halloween costumes this year for Marshall students



Halloween is right around the corner and the sights and sounds of fall are in the air at Marshall University.

Students said they are enjoying the weather and the changing of the leaves. Some students said they are excited for the holiday.

According to CNN, the top ten Halloween costumes searches on Google this year are Star Wars, super heroes, pirates, Batman, Minnie Mouse, witches, Minions, the Joker and Harley Quinn.

“I am going as Wolverine this Halloween,” said junior social work major Doug Smith.

Smith says the air has a crisp, fall feel to it.

According to Business Insider, some of the most popular Halloween costumes for young adults this year will be Donald Trump, Netflix and Chill, Drake’s “Hotline Bling” outfit, left shark from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime performance, Marty McFly from “Back to the Future,” Minions and Batman.

“I am going as myself this year,” said Nathan Korne, a freshman majoring in digital forensics. “I’m enough of a character, and I’m too poor. However, if I was dressing up I would go as Eddard Stark from ‘Game of Thrones.’”

“I am going as Applebees,” said Kari Griffith, a sophomore marketing major. “I am going to wear a bumblebee costume and carry around an apple.”

“My favorite part about Halloween at Marshall is the man that walks around in costume without a head pretending to be the headless horseman,” Griffith said.

Students such as sophomore communications disorders major Morgan Dreennen said going out is a favorite college activity.

“My favorite part about Halloween is dressing up and going out with all my friends.”

“My favorite part about Halloween at Marshall is the night life,” said Corey Taylor, a sophomore nursing major.

Those in need of a last-minute costume and who do not want to spend a lot of money on a costume can get creative with items they have on-hand.

According to USA Today, these simple costumes include Rosie the Riveter, which only requires a red bandana and a blue long sleeve shirt; a Greek god or goddess, which requires a bed sheet and a gold headband; a bank robber, which only requires a striped shirt, black pants and a black beanie; Risky Business, which only requires a large button-up shirt, white socks and sunglasses and a nerd which only requires a button up shirt, suspenders and glasses.

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