Tri-Sigma raises money for Robbie Page Memorial Foundation


Emily Rice


Marshall University’s Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority had their annual Rocking for Robbie fundraising event this week.

Members of Tri-Sigma rocked for 24 hours this week to fundraise money for the Robbie Page Memorial Foundation.

“Rocking for Robbie is to raise money for our philanthropy,” Conner Richberg, Junior economics major said. “It provides therapeutic play for terminally ill children.”

“Our goal is to raise absolutely as much as we possible can,” Richberg said.

Robbie Page was the son of the 4th Tri-Sigma National President, Mary Hastings Holloway Page. Page’s son died at age 5 from bulbar polio. Sorority members then established the Robbie Page Memorial Fund in hopes of funding polio research. This cause became the sorority’s official cause in 1954.

“Every year we use rocking chairs and it’s because we want to put our place in place of children who are sick,” Richberg said. “We are immobilizing ourselves for 24 hours like these children are immobilized in hospital beds and things such as that.”

Tri-Sigma members rocked in the plaza of the Memorial Student Center from 8 a.m to 8 p.m., 2 days this week.

The Robbie Page Foundation helps hundreds of children annually through fundraising events. The money goes to the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Texas and the UNC Children’s Hospital in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

As far as student participation in the fundraising this week, Richberg said things have been positive. “It’s been really good,” Richberg said. “We’ve gotten a lot of donations and we are really thankful for that.”

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