MU Native American Student Organization celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day Monday

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Marshall University’s Native American Student Organization assembled for Indigenous People Day on the Memorial Student Center Plaza Oct. 12. The organization marched into campus carrying signs and flags and then gathered as a group by the fountain to raise awareness for the organization and Indigenous People Day.

Autumn Lee, senior political science major and president of Marshall’s Native American Student Organization said she wanted to bring awareness about indigenous people.

“Indigenous People Day is a more appropriate term for today, instead of Columbus Day.” Lee said. “In fact, he did not even discover America, he just came to a place people already lived. He took what he wanted and if people disagreed he killed them. So today we should not be honoring him, we should be honoring indigenous people for having to suffer so much.”

While meeting on the plaza, the organization burned sage to take away negative thoughts and energy. The group shared a moment of silence for prayer and reflection and then sang songs significant to indigenous people.

The organization meets in Drinko Library and plans to meet within the next week.

Students interested in joining can find more information on the organization’s Facebook page.

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