You’re Probably More Punk Rock Than You Think You Are

Although many people don’t walk around with black leather pants, denim vests adorned with back patches and facial piercings, that doesn’t do anything to lessen their punk credibility.

As people continue to grow and develop their personal tastes, they grow more and more punk rock every day.

Being punk is, for lack of a better phrase, is being you. If you’re unapologetic about your ideals, likes, dislikes and personality in general, you’re pretty damn punk. Punk ideals revolve around expression. Being your unique self is one of the most punk things you can do.

It may be hard to not succumb to ideals and standards set by other people, but it helps to remember that no matter what path you end up taking, someone out there isn’t going to appreciate you for you, no matter if you’re crusty or not.

One way you can become more punk is to stay as DIY as you possibly can. You can construct your own shelves, or dye your own clothing. Like previously mentioned, being punk is partially about expression and what better way to express yourself with something YOU made with YOUR hands that is completely unique and different than what may possibly just look the same as everything else.

Other punk ideas include anti-establishment and direct action. Become more punk by standing up for your own personal values and calling out those who are either taking advantage of the system, promoting racism/sexism/any hate and making sure that other voices are heard instead of just the words of those in power.

Now, not everyone can be a Henry Rollins type of punk. Being loud and in your face is most certainly not for everyone. Luckily, mediums like blogs are paid more attention to today than ever before. Use the media to your advantage and broadcast the most unfiltered version of yourself possible.