MU Gaming Club presents livestream gaming session for charity

Marshall University’s Gaming Club had a 24-hour live stream event Saturday with the intention of raising money to help a close friend of the club.
Participants broadcasted their gaming sessions live over the Internet with links to donation webpages for those watching the streams.
A variety of games were played at the event such as “League of Legends,” “Mortal Kombat X,” “Team Fortress 2” and “League of Legends and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.”
The MU Gaming Club plans 24-hour events occasionally throughout the year, usually with the goal of raising money for a particular cause.
Shah Quraishi, president of the club, said past efforts have raised money for the West Virginia University Children’s Hospital and The American Cancer Society as part of “Extra Life.”
“Extra Life” is a global, yearly event where gamers around the world live stream games for charity.
Club meetings will resume in the fall semester.
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