Author talks diversity in everyday life with Marshall Students

Andrea Steele
Shakaria Bowman, sophomore psychology major, holds a sign with self-describing adjectives for a selfie at the Giraffe Kisses event Monday.

Justin Jones-Fosu, an award-winning author and public speaker, presented “Hug an Elephant, Kiss a Giraffe,” Monday to Marshall University students in the Don Morris Room of the Memorial Student Center.

Jones-Fosu talked about diversity and how it affects people’s everyday lives.

Jones-Fosu said diversity is not necessarily race, gender or economic class, but difference.

He explained the different social styles people fall under.

Expressives love attention and want things to always be about them. Drivers will always try to get their way, whether they realize they are trying or not. Amiables genuinely care about others and their greatest desire is to be valued by others. Analytics are hard to read and want to know everything about what they are doing.

Jones-Fosu kept the audience involved with participation and humor.

Jones-Fosu recounted personal stories to illustrate how people take things for granted.

“There are people who would love to have your bad days,” Jones-Fosu said.

Jones-Fosu is the president of Justin Inspires International LLC. He is a former weekly radio host who travels the world with the goal of inspiring people to better their lives and the lives of others.

Jones-Fosu recently released a new book, “Finding Your Glasses: Revealing and Achieving Authentic Success.”

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