Guest artist brings mixed media to VAC


Ryan Fischer

Jessica Lynn Fox performs her dance piece as a part of the Concert of New Multi-Media Works at the Visual Art Center Tuesday.

Guest artist Brigid Burke presented performance pieces Tuesday at the Visual Arts Center for the Marshall University School of Art and Design.

Burke performed multi-media pieces alongside Mark Zanter, coordinator of music theory and composition, Professor Steven Hall, coordinator of percussion studies, and Jessica Lynn Fox, artistic director of the Jeslyn Performing Arts Center/Dance Gallery.

The group presented “Grainger’s Bridge,” “Gloss,” “Gravity’s Self Portrait,” “HATS,” “Interlude,” “New Loops” and “Stretching G.”

Each piece incorporated different instruments, abstract images and interpretive dance routines from Fox.

“HATS” prominently featured a bass clarinet, and during “Gravity’s Self Portrait,” Zanter used a pencil to strike guitar strings.

Various instruments and abstract art videos were used in the performances.

For some pieces, Fox performed interpretive dance routines.

Burke is a composer, clarinetist, visual artist and video maker from Melbourne, Australia.

Burke performed in various festivals around the world, incorporating real time sound, dance, music, video cameras, animation and improvisation.

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