5 lessons of college

This is only my first year and more wisdom will follow

It’s official. My freshman year is almost over. 

There’s so much I can say about my first full year at Marshall. College is definitely something that changed me for the better and helped me become more of an adult in just eight short months. While I know this is only my first year and more wisdom will soon follow, there is so much that I learned quickly that I want to share.
Below are the five biggest lessons I learned during my time at Marshall thus far. 

1. That pretty much everyone doesn’t know what he or she wants to do when they “grow up.” 

We all might be adults, but none of us really know what we want to do beyond graduation. And that’s OK. 

2. The petty high school drama really never ends. 

We all looked forward to walking out of high school and getting away from all the drama. While college is definitely better in terms of immaturity, there are still the select few that act like children.

3. Independence 

They warned us that college would be the first real time we would be on our own. That our grades were ultimately on our shoulders and that everything was our decision from here on out. None of us really realized how much independence college entailed. 

4. How to handle money. 

Back before arriving on campus, none of has much experience with handling cash. As college students, however, we learned to save our quarters for parking meters and laundry machines. We also learned to save cash to eat on and have the occasional fun with. 

5. To always go to free events, especially if they involve free food. 

We all learned fast that free events are always something to go to. As college students, these events are catered to us and to help us save money in a time in our lives when money is scarce. And if free food is involved, it’s a guarantee people will show up.

Bri Shelton can be contacted at shelton76@marshall.edu.