Missing the nostalgia of Myspace

It taught us how to post statuses and take decent selfies for our profile pictures.



This screenshot shows the updated Myspace login page.

Does anyone else besides me ever miss the old social networking site Myspace?
Back in the day, Myspace was the hip social medium to be a part of. There wasn’t really any competition with other websites until later on, and Facebook wasn’t as largely popular back then as it is today.
Myspace was where we learned proper online etiquette. It taught us how to post statuses and take decent selfies for our profile pictures. We took the things we learned and later applied it to the other apps like Twitter and Instagram. Well, most of us did anyway.
Below is a list of the top five things I miss the most about Myspace. No matter how many years pass since my last login, I’ll always remember the first major online network that encompassed my generation for a while.
1. The profile song.
Sorry Facebook, but you’ll never be as cool as this site without music you can add to your profile. The most fun thing about Myspace was getting to find a cool song for people to hear when scrolling down your page. It was always a race between your friends to get the popular song first because no one wanted to have the same music as one another. I don’t know about everyone else, but mine was always something random and weird like the Free Credit Report theme song.
2. Tom.
He was the creator of Myspace and everyone’s first friend. Even if you weren’t popular in school or just allowed to send requests to people you knew, Tom was definitely a part of your friends list. The picture of him standing in front of a white board will probably forever be etched in everyone’s brains. But that’s okay.
3. Profile View Counter.
This little number was one way you could tell how many people were clicking on your page. If the number jumped dramatically, you could basically assume someone had a crush on you or was stalking you. When you logged on to your account, you could always see how many people had viewed your profile during the time you’d been on the site. No other social media sites do this nowadays, and it’s definitely something I miss.
4. Personalizing your profile with a layout.
Everyone on Facebook has the same blue background. Twitter lets you have more options in terms of design, but it’ll never compete with what Myspace had to offer. Some of the layouts were animated and would even move. No two profiles ever looked the same. Myspace was definitely the place to show what you were into and to get the coolest layout on the Internet.
5. Getting to have top friends.
This was the one way to prove who your best friends and favorite family members were back in the day. It was always the ultimate compliment if someone included you in their top five, seven, or so. It was also the biggest drama showdown if someone didn’t put you in their top too.
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