MSU founding sisters raise awareness about sorority

Marshall University’s Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Inc. spread awareness about they’re multicultural sorority Monday at an interest meeting in an attempt to continue its existence.

The sorority has three members, and they are leaving this spring.

“Two of us have graduated and one is moving to a new state,” said senior member Allyson Lother. “We want to keep our chapter alive on campus and have more people aware of the multi-cultural sorority and get involved with our beautiful sorority.”

The Sekhmet Chapter of Mu Sigma Upsilon was established in 2013 on Marshall’s campus.

The multicultural aspect of this sorority sets it apart from other sororities on campus.

“We live in West Virginia,” senior member Julitha Braggs said. “You don’t really see a lot of multicultural anything, except for like the international festival. My sisters and I want students on campus to learn more about our sorority and how it can help you grow as an individual.”

Braggs said joining Sigma Upsilon has changed these sisters’ lives for the better.

“Honestly I’ve grown so much just by being a sister of MSU,” Braggs said. “Before I became a sister I was kind of quiet and I didn’t really like talking, but after I became a sister I’ve grown so much into like a more mature person. It’s kind of weird to say that a sorority can bring so much to your life but it has.”

Lother said being apart of the sorority it’s more than sisterhood.

“It’s allowed me to learn more about myself, and more about not only the three of us that are in this chapter, but all of the sisters in all of the chapters,” Lother said. “You’re not just sisters with the girls at your campus, you’re sisters with everybody, and I think that’s a really beautiful part of our sorority.”

Braggs said a MSU benefit she enjoys is getting to travel.

“We travel a lot to see other chapters and other sisters,” Braggs said. “We’re not the richest people at all but our sorority is always there for us if we need to go somewhere like to visit our sisters.”

Lother said female students who are looking to join a sisterhood which is not only diverse, but also extremely close knit, can find a home at MSU.

Nichole Henderson can be contacted at [email protected].