Greek Sing kicks off Greek Week

Marshall University’s fraternities and sororities started Greek Week Sunday at the Keith Albee Performing Arts Center with the annual Greek Sing event.

Each fraternity and sorority had six minutes on stage to break out its best dance move or skit and earn points for Greek Week.

“This is one of our biggest events of the year that we work toward,” said Alpha Xi Delta member Jessica McGee. “It does break the stereotypes people have about Greek life. This is what we’re putting in our time for and our hard work shows at events like these.”

Greek members said performing in Greek Sing was not a walk in the park.

“We practiced in a hot studio for about three hours a day,” said Delta Chi sophomore Christopher Gonzalez. “We also had practices throughout the last few weeks to make sure everything looked crisp, and to make sure our transitions were good so we could get the full 25 points.”

Alpha Chi Omega sophomore Jordan Turner said Alpha Chi members put a lot of effort into their performance.

“We put a lot of time, energy and money into this performance,” Turner said. “We went out on the stage and gave it our all. We were up working on our dance until midnight every day for about two months to perfect it, which is a lot harder than people may think.”

Delta Zeta junior Maria Webber said because she is not a dancer she was nervous.

“I was very nervous because this was only my second year doing this and I have never danced before,” Webber said. “Honestly, once you get up there, you kind of just zone in and dance your heart out, and after that nothing else matters.”

Members of Greek life said the purpose of Greek Sing goes beyond just earning points for the Greek Week competition.

“The overall purpose of this event is to show Greek Unity and show how hard we actually do work,” McGee said. “It also shows that we actually do put time in with our sisters and our brothers and that we work hard to support each other.”

The winners will be announce 4:30 p.m. Sunday at the Fraternity and Sorority Life Awards Ceremony in the Don Morris Room of the Memorial Student Center.

“We were all really upset that we couldn’t find out the scores today,” Turner said.  “But we know we worked really hard so we are hoping to come out with the win.”

Gonzalez said he has a lot of faith in his fraternity to come out on top.

“I think we did well,” Gonzalez said.  “We had stunts at the end, we had good transitions and I think we did more than what was required, which is always a good thing. We had better choreography, used more props and hopefully we can pull it out because it is a big chunk of points for Greek Week. Look for us to get that trophy at the end of the awards event on Sunday.”

Nichole Henderson can be contacted at [email protected].