Top 5 places to visit in Huntington

Picks from a native Huntingtonian


Lexi Browning

Children visit the Healing Field, a memorial for those who died Sept. 11, 2001, the 1970 Marshall plane crash victims and veterans of the armed forces Sept. 10, 2014 in Spring Hill Cemetery.

As a native Huntingtonian, I’m always proud to brag on our city and tell my fellow Marshall University classmates where the best places to go are around here. Below is a list I constructed of what I believe to be the five best spots to go and see.

1. Fat Patty’s

Does this even need a paragraph to explain why this is a definite place to visit in Huntington? Fat Patty’s is by far one of the best restaurants here and somewhere everyone needs to eat. Their cheeseburgers are to die for, and they have a burger that caters to the tastes of everyone practically. As a short walk from campus, this eatery is a go-to for a quick dinner or a Friday night hangout with friends.

2. Spring Hill Cemetery Marshall Memorial

The fountain at the Memorial Student Center isn’t the only place in Huntington where the 1970 plane crash is honored. There is another site at Spring Hill Cemetery, which is located about a mile from the university. If you start out at the stadium and follow 20th Street, you eventually come to a hill that leads to the cemetery. There are signs from there that guide you to the memorial. Once inside, you’ll see a statue with the list of names of those who perished in the crash along with the graves of seven members of the team. This is a specific locale to see in Huntington, especially as a member of the Marshall community.

3.  Beech Fork

If you’re looking for a weekend of fun and sun, Beech Fork is definitely the place to go. They have a bit of everything in terms of outdoor galore with activities ranging from fishing, camping and even hiking. Whether you want a weekend trip involving a tent and some friends or a day out at a lake, this is somewhere to check out and visit.

4. The Pottery Place

Art skills or not, this is a place where no judgment is passed on skills or abilities. They welcome everyone to come in and paint a tile, owl, or any other ceramic project they offer. The Pottery Place has multiple locations, but the closest one to campus is at Pullman Square. So when the creativity strikes, grab a friend and make your trek here. It takes about a week for the kiln to fire and finish your work, but then you have an Ùber cool decoration to add to your dorm or apartment.

5. Camden Park

Want a reminder of childhood and all things amusement parks? If so, I highly recommend making the drive out to this wonderful place. It may be geared more toward the younger generation, but there are several rides to enjoy and food favorites. The park is located in the Kenova-Ceredo area, and opens officially May 2.

In other words, get out there! Find some favorite places of your own and make some memories. There’s a lot that Huntington and the surrounding areas offer in terms of food and recreation you can’t find by staying on Marshall’s campus.

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