Wellness Center Offers Advice for Drinking Over Spring Break

Joseph DiCristofaro, Student Reporter

“Safer Spring Break” will promote healthy ways for Marshall students to enjoy their spring break while still having fun.

For those planning to consume alcohol over spring break, the Wellness Center offers some valuable tips on how to drink responsibly. 

Those tips included: drink in moderation, know one’s limit, refuse drinks when that limit is reached and only accept drinks from licensed bartenders or self-poured drinks, according to a pamphlet from the Wellness Center.

The pamphlet also advises students to travel in groups whenever intoxicated to avoid being taken to an isolated area and also to make sure that one member of the group is either sober or drinking responsibly to ensure everyone makes it home safe.

If a member of the group is feeling ill, have them lie down on their side to prevent choking. If someone feels sick, ask a group member to look after them. If alcohol poisoning is suspected, call 911 immediately. 

Apart from drinking, there are other safety tips the Wellness Center promotes. While out, people should not carry all of their bank cards in their wallet or purse. They should only carry the amount of cash that they need and keep the extra cash in the hotel safe.

The Wellness Center also advises to alert friends and relatives about travel and return plans. This can look like a person calling those friends and family to let them know when that person has returned.

Additionally, those going out should never bring strangers back to personal living spaces and do not give out any personal information.

If there is an emergency, alert the proper authorities as soon as possible.

More information on responsible drinking will be given out during the event which will be held in the Memorial Student Center from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Thursday Mar. 9.