SGA Advocates for Permanent Muslim Prayer Room

Emma Johnson, Student Reporter

A permanent Muslim prayer room could be established at Marshall University because of a recent proposal by the Student Government Association.

“During the fall 2022 semester, the Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room—which is located in East Hall—was consistently locked, which impeded prayer,” Senator Ala Baryun said. “So, this resolution would allow the room to be unlocked at all times.” 

Baryun, along with fellow Senator Tayma Al-Astal, wrote a resolution to support the idea of a permanent prayer and meditation room for Muslim students. 

“There are many Muslim students who are unable to meet these religious markers because of the restricted access to the current interfaith room,” Baryun said. 

In addition to the Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room in East Hall, another designated meditation room at the Wellness Center is located in the Memorial Student Center. 

“Many students have voiced their concerns due to the fact that there is already a designated medication room at the Wellness Center, so the current interfaith room in East Hall could be occupied as a mosque,” Baryun said. 

If a permanent prayer and meditation room is established for Muslim students, the Muslim Students Association has agreed to upkeep the room, keeping it clean and available for students who wish to use it. Baryun added, “We just want to take action to prioritize any potential issues that may impede a student’s opportunity to pray and meditate efficiently.”