Loud and Huntington Proud: Local Music Venue Features Local Artists

Bex Law, Student Reporter

Local musicians and their fans have always found a home at the local music venue The Loud.

Partnering with the Broadberry Entertainment Group has afforded The Loud the opportunity to host bigger music groups, but The Loud still prioritizes local bands and musicians.

“The Loud was founded on supporting local artists, and the Broadberry takes second option to local bands, or bands contacted and booked by The Loud,” talent buyer Heath Holley said. Holley said The Loud wants to be a “hotspot” for local musicians and artists, and that they intend to cultivate a space for local artists to expose their music and art to as many people as possible.

Since rebranding after the COVID-19 pandemic shut down, The Loud has made a lot of changes to their appearance and services. “When we reopened, it was literally just a white room. I mean, we just had to start working again,” Holley said. The Loud has been in a somewhat constant state of renovation since 2020: changing the layout of the venue, adding new murals and more. The next renovation to start: a pizza kitchen.

The Loud is hopeful to complete the new pizza kitchen in the next few months to sell pizza by the slice and to complement their drink selection. “There is still stuff going on to make this a better place,” Holley said. 

Future events at The Loud excite Holley, such as The Mountain Goats playing on Saturday, Feb. 11 and the Saint Patrick’s Day show featuring Brad Goodall, Jeremy Short and the John Inghram Band, all described as “local heavy-hitter bands” by Holley. The St. Patrick’s Day Show will take place on Friday, Mar. 17. 

Those looking to buy tickets and learn more about musicians performing at The Loud can visit www.theloudwv.com.