The Wild Ramp Offers Students Fresh Food Alternatives


Sadie Helmick

The Wild Ramp on 14th Street W, Huntington

Joseph DiCristofaro, Student Reporter

Fresh and local food alternatives for students at Marshall University are available only three miles from campus at The Wild Ramp.

The Wild Ramp is a year-round indoor farmers’ market located on 14th Street W, Huntington that highlights locally grown food and offers a variety of products made by local artisans from the tri-state area.

This gives students an opportunity to buy fresh produce as they please, which is not possible in many other stores for those looking for fresh, locally grown produce. The Wild Ramp can be found at 555 14th Street West in Huntington, Kenlee Bonecutter, president of the Sustainability Club, said.

Marshall students should totally take advantage of the Ramp,” she said. “It’s definitely a whole-in-a-wall place if you’re not from the area, so most students probably don’t know of it.”

Money is often the first thought that goes through a college student’s mind when shopping and local goods are generally more expensive and it causes some college-aged shoppers to stray away. The Wild Ramp’s prices, in many cases, fit a college student’s budget, Bonecutter said.

College can also ruin one’s diet with many students being very busy and unable to think about what they are putting in their bodies. But The Wild Ramp makes this process easier, she said.

“They have college-friendly prices and handmade frozen meals for sale that would be convenient for students,” Bonecutter said. “They also do some cooking and educational events that college students should look into.”

Opening its doors in 2012, The Wild Ramp’s main goal was to provide quality food choices and support the local farmers; ten years later, they continue that mission.