Countdown to Commencement: Senior Thinks Back on Marshall Family


Portrait of Alexis Hudson

Abigail Cutlip, Student Reporter

As she prepares for her next steps after graduation, one Marshall University senior reminisces on her time spent as a student and looks towards her future.

Alexis Hudson began at Marshall as a freshman in the fall of 2020. She decided to attend Marshall due to her older sister’s prior attendance.

“I chose Marshall because this is where my older sister went to college,” Hudson said. “It was actually the only school I applied to. My older sister’s my role model.”

The Columbus, Ohio resident said that the friends she has made while at Marshall have helped her feel at home despite being almost three hours away from home.

“I’ve found a group of people that I consider my home away from home that are family to me,”  Hudson said. “I know that my people in my actual family are only a phone call away.”

Some of her favorite moments during her time here have been from Week of Welcome during her first semester and joining her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega.

Hudson said that Week of Welcome was “really fun, and I was able to meet a lot of people. Joining my sorority has also been one of my favorite moments. I’ve met a lot of people that I could connect to, and we’ve got to grow with each other.”

Hudson’s end goal after graduation is to attend law school, but her timeline hasn’t yet been solidified.

“My plan is to go to law,” Hudson said. “But if things don’t work out, I want to take a gap year and then go to law school.”

Although the semester has just begun, for spring graduates like Hudson, this is only the beginning of many lasts. Spring 2023 commencement will occur on Saturday, Apr. 29, this year at Mountain Health Arena.