Testing Center Closes


Zachary Hiser

A popup COVID-19 test has been set up on the plaza of Marshall’s campus.

Lydia Montague, Student Reporter

With a recent decision made by West Virginia government officials, the State of Emergency has come to a close, resulting in the shut down of the on-campus COVID-19 testing center during the 2022 winter break. The testing center had opened in the fall of 2020 in response to the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19. While it was open, students could either schedule a testing appointment or simply walk in for a swab.

“I think it was a good resource for students, especially being on-campus and close and free so, I mean, it’s a little discouraging that it’s closed now,” Elli Barry, a Marshall freshman, said. “However, I haven’t heard of people around me getting COVID recently, maybe thanks to the vaccine.”

Vaccines and testing are still available at several off-campus sites, including the Cabell County Hospital, all pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens, Valley Health, etc.) and Marshall Health clinics located around Huntington. A few more changes to COVID-19 protocol have and will also take place this spring in response to the State of Emergency’s closure.

Marshall’s coronavirus response email ([email protected]has switched to automated replies; however, the university’s COVID-19 response team will continue to monitor the email. Barricades, screens and coronavirus-related signs around campus will be gradually removed as the university transitions out of its State of Emergency protocol. Students and staff are still highly encouraged to report any COVID-19 symptoms and continue to remain cautious.