Nashville Artist to Perform at Pre-Game Tailgate Show


Photo courtesy of Allen Media Strategies

Destiney Dingess, Student Reporter

Being asked to do the pregame performance for Marshall Football is like how someone would feel being called to perform at the Super Bowl, the West Virginia native singer-songwriter said.  “This is the first sports event I will be performing at and I’m so excited, that’s an event everybody shows up happy for and excited for,” Kate Boytek local Singer-Songwriter, said.

Boytek is headlining the “Marshall University Thunder Street Tailgate Party” presented by Michelob Ultra before the Marshall V. Louisiana matchup this evening.

Boytek grew up in Logan, West Virginia where she started singing at only five years old. Her first performance was at the coalfield Jamboree.  From there she started singing in church with her family and then started doing local charity events in Logan when she was 14 years old.

In her early 20s, she started traveling and performing three-hour shows in any bar that would hire her.

Even though Boytek comes from a small town her dreams never replicated that. Boytek and her family have always loved music and have never been afraid of her dreams being too big.

“Music has always very much been embraced and accepted in my family so that door has kind of always been open for me and they’ve always been very supportive,” Boytek said.

Boytek has been performing locally for decades. She was signed by PCG Universal in an artist development contract in Nashville. Boytek also signed with Burke Allen of Allen Media artists in Washington, DC.