Omega Phi Alpha Aims to be the Newest MU Sorority

Morgan Pemberton, Student Reporter

Just two members shy of becoming an official chapter, Omega Phi Alpha is hoping that what its officers call positive attitudes and passion for community service will increase its ranks.

Inclusivity plays an important part of Omega Phi Alpha, according to Interim President Ally Welch. She went on to say that the inclusivity is what prompted her to join. OPA reached out to Welch on Instagram, and she thought that a community-service based sorority was for her.

“[I am] Interim President, which is a stand-in president, because before we get our last two members, we are not official and don’t have official members in those positions,” Welch said. “But I thought OPA should have a structure, have positions so potential new members know when they are getting involved. They know they are a part of decisions.”

OPA has six main projects that they hope to achieve when they finally become an official chapter.

“We have six projects: mental health, members of sorority, nations of the world, university community, community at large and president project protecting human rights,” Welch said.

When joining, a sorority’s members get to participate in the homecoming festivities.

One of the contests that goes on and makes Welch excited is Thunder Cup. Thunder Cup is an event where sororities earn points by participating in and winning the banner contest and the float contest. The winner of the event overall receives money as the prize for having received the most points.

OPA hopes to become an official chapter in the spring of 2023.