Barstool Sports Hosts Rough N’ Rowdy in Huntington

Chayce Matheny, Sports Editor

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Rough N’ Rowdy 18 gave pure entertainment for fight fans on Friday night, Aug. 19 at the Mountain Health Arena in downtown Huntington.

The popular media platform Barstool Sports hosted a massive 20-matchup fight card with titles on the line. The title fights consisted of Ninja vs Nighty Night for the lightweight title and Hollywood vs Make It Happen for the middleweight title, with big wins coming from Ninja and Make It Happen. Also returning were fan favorites like Shizzat Da Rizzat and Hot Wheelz, who won in their bouts as well.

The fights consisted of no headgear with nonstop haymakers and almost zero defense.

Konfidence The Rapper said he wanted to make a statement by being the first fight of the night.

“I felt like I had to set the tone. I wanted the first fight of the night because I was ready to go. When I heard I was fighting first I knew it was in my favor,” Konfidence said. “I felt good during the fight but I’m not going to lie I was gassed out there. I got the win and that’s what I came to do.”

Konfidence added that the crowd’s support support surprised him.

“The fans loved me. I was surprised because my opponent was a military man, and usually those crowds root for them and get you, but they were for me,” Konfidence said. “I went into the crowd after and they were dapping me up and everything, it was nice.”

Each fighter received a minimum of $250. Winners earned $750. Winners of the title bouts received more.

Rough N’ Rowdy has hosted previous events throughout West Virginia, but this was Barstool’s first time hosting the event in Huntington.