Herd Holi Celebrated on Campus


Grace Hewitt, Reporter

On Wednesday, Marshall University staff and students celebrated Holi, a traditional Hindu celebration of spring, color, and triumph over evil, on the East Hall Lawn with music, lawn games, and lots of colored powder.  

Jim Clagg, director of student experience said students celebrated by throwing small cups of vibrantly colored powder into the crowd.  

Clagg expressed the significance behind Holi and what students attending the event can take away. 

“It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about other cultures and release some stress before finals begin,” Clagg said.  

Holi has grown in popularity outside of India, thanks in large part to the millions of Indians and other South Asians who live all over the world.  

Darshana Sooknundun, a junior at Marshall who was in attendance said she loves celebrating because it’s a great way to connect and relax.  

“It feels great to celebrate this on Marshall’s campus, especially before finals week it’s a good entrainment, I’ve been looking forward to it since I heard it was happening,” Sooknundun said.  

Clagg said this isn’t the first time Marshall has celebrated Holi on campus, but this year is especially significant.  

“We’ve been doing Herd Holi for over 6 years, due to the pandemic, our celebrations have been limited over the past two years but we’re happy to have a full event again,” Clagg said.  

Sooknundun said this is something she always celebrates, especially since her culture is known for originally celebrating it.  

“I don’t really do this with my friends, but they are all here right now so it’s very special to me, makes me think of home,” Sooknundun said. 

 “I’m Hindu and it’s originally from India so we do celebrate Holi a lot, it’s a great way to mark new beginnings.”