SGA Reflects on Session 79


Brea Smith, Reporter

With the semester ending and seniors ready to graduate, Student Government Association seniors from session 79 spoke about their experience with SGA (Student Government Association) to inspire the next generation of Marshall senators.  

After he graduates, Nick Withrow shared his plans:  

“I have eight days until graduation and 18 days until the primary, I’m running for the House of Delegates in Putnam County. So, politics is the next thing for me.”  

Some will still be involved with SGA even after graduating: 

“I am in the next cabinet with Bella and Walker as the graduate student liaison because I’m starting medical school in August. So, I am excited to see how the new will all work together.”  

Sara Alastal talked about her hopes for the next senate session “I’m excited to see just where student government goes, I honestly think Bella and Walker are going to do great” she added onto that by saying; “I feel okay, leaving student government because I’m in graduate school right now. I could have come back next year but I kind of just wanted to let it go on its own.”  

Hannah Black also had similar words of support for the next session, “I am excited to watch everything unfold next year and just watch Bella and Walker succeed because I know that they will. And I know that they are going to do some great things for Marshall. So, I’m excited to just be able to watch, but not be involved.”  

While everyone is excited to graduate, it is a bittersweet feeling for others like Mallory Stanley “I’m excited to leave because I feel like most of the really close friends, I have made are a lot younger than me. So, I feel like I’m abandoning them well, but I’m excited to see where they go.”  

Others are leaving with pride because of what they accomplished within SGA like Sydni Pierce. 

“Being part of SGA has meant so much to me. Not only was I able to take part in facilitating positive changes on Marshall’s campus, but I also met some wonderful people who I consider dear friends as well as colleagues.”  

Former SGA President Alyssa Parks provided some words of wisdom to any student looking to get involved with SGA and why it is so important. 

 “I would tell future SGA members that you get out of it what you put into it.”  

“You can be there each Tuesday show up be a body and meet your minimum requirements but if you want the full enriching experience, you need to contribute, ask questions, speak up, listen to your peers, challenge yourself and others, volunteer for as much as you can and be engaged.”  

Thomas Smith advised the student body to get involved on campus in any way. 

“Your network is so important. The first organization I went to as a freshman was the student ambassadors, a volunteer club, and every other opportunity that I have had opened up just from that one organization, so 100% Enjoy your time, meet people, and just try out things”.  

Chole Cook also had some advice for the student body “My advice to any student or potential student at Marshall University is to get involved. Regardless of the organization you begin working with, you will build life-long skills and relationships that last well beyond your college years.”