Concert Performs for Men’s and Minority Mental Health

Alaina Laster, Lead Reporter

In honor of Men’s and Minority Mental Health Week Marshall has come together to put on a concert Thursday, Apr. 21 between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. featuring Corduroy Brown and Shelem.  

The Marshall Department of Social Work, Counselling Center, Student Affairs and Intercultural Affairs put this event together with this in mind. They believe that it is always important for mental health resources to be available to those in need.  

There has existed for a long time a stigma around mental health Brandon Hensley said. Hensley works as a program assistant for the counseling center. The Counseling Center aims to stop all stigma, and the event on Thursday hopes to stop it specifically around men. 

The concert will be hosted by DJ Illspin and there will be room for students to bring chairs and blankets to sit and watch. The intermission will feature performer Duke Johnson of Thyrd World.  

Hensley said that it is often found that men are afraid to come forward and speak on their mental health concerns. He also shared that of all the Mental Health resources Marshall has to offer there are very few men who take advantage of them. They would like to change this, and this concert is the start for them.  

Diversity and Inclusion are very important to the center and this event gives students the opportunity to gather to enjoy local musicians as well as the presence of their fellow students. Present at the event will be food trucks accepting cash payment at the otherwise free event.  

The Marshall Counseling Center also plans to host events in the future semesters following the goal of bringing to light of mental health issues. Students have access to all sorts of counseling and assistance through the counseling center, and they hope to make sure students understand that.