SGA Preps for Next Semester

Brea Smith, Reporter

With the semester ending soon, Marshall’s Student Government Association prepares for the next semester with a transfer of power. From senate session 79 to session 80, Bella Griffiths has handed over the reins to Walker Tatum as president of the senate and vice president of the student body.

The first order of business was to elect the senate executives for the 2022-2023 academic year. The first position up for vote was senate president pro-tempore (or pro-temp). Tomas Smith, the current pro-temp, spoke up and provided a little insight about being pro-temp.

“It’s a lot of jobs in one position,” Smith said. “Every week you are responsible for working with the vice president, overseeing the committees and making sure that people are getting where they need to be. It’s a lot, but it’s a rewarding position.”

The voting commenced over an anonymous Google Forms survey for each position. After a couple of minutes, Tatum

announced that Makena Rauch would serve as the next pro temp. The next position up for vote was parliamentarian, and after a moment of pause, Tatum announced that Chloe Davis would take over the position.

Isabella Robinson took the position of treasurer next. Nicholas Taylor won the position of campus life and committee chair. Olivia Moncada took education outreach chair. Abby Ayes, the current education outreach chair, provided a little insight into the position’s duties.

“It’s a really good beginner executive position, you know?” Ayes said. “I came right out of the apprenticeship program, straight into executive for that position…. It’s one of those positions that doesn’t require as much time. It just requires a lot of organizing, getting outreach and finding people to come to Senate.”

The next position that was up for vote was historian of the senate, which went to Maddy Scott, and finally seargent at arms went to Dylan Ellison.