Graphic Novelist lends Comics Industry Secrets

Andrew Corliss, Reporter

A graphic novelist who draws inspiration from classical literature spoke about his pathway to success at Drinko Library last Friday.  

Travis Horseman is best known for his Amiculus series, which re-interprets the fall of the Roman Empire as a deliberate, inside job. He offered insight into his production process and gave practical advice for those who wished to become graphic novelists or otherwise release their ideas to the world.  

Horseman cited a variety of influences on his work throughout his life, such as D’Aulaires‘ Book of Greek Myths for inciting his passion for classical literature as a child, and V for Vendetta for introducing him to a darker, more mature side of comics. Copies of Horseman’s books were signed and sold afterwards.  

Dr. Del Chrol, Classics Professor and Humanities Department Chair, sais Horseman was an example of the “promise of education.” He also expressed a great appreciation for Horseman’s writing. 
“Part of the reason I like what he does is that it’s all so well-researched and thought through that it helps bring these stories to life,” Chrol said. Even though there’s these fantastic twists in there, I think it’s a great way of getting a hook into the ancient world and for finding the love and passion he has with these works.”