SGA Pro-Temp Donohue Resigns


Cameron Donohue (left) and his successor Thomas Smith (right)

Conner Woodruff, News Editor

Student Government Association Senate President Pro-Tempore Cameron Donohue resigned from his position during the group’s meeting on Mar. 1 and ahead of the beginning of the SGA presidential race.

After the meeting’s roll call, the SGA parliamentarian Sydni Pierce read a letter of resignation written by Donohue himself.

“With all things considered, over the last six months I have become increasingly unhappy with the direction of this organization,” Donohue said in his letter. “This discomfort has grown to a point where I can no longer continue in this organization at my current capacity.”

After Donohue’s resignation, SGA treasurer Thomas Smith was voted into Pro-Tempore position. With the treasurer position left vacant, Alec Hess was voted into being the SGA’s new treasurer.

“I have been thinking about for weeks. I think this is the best decision for everyone,” Donohue said.

During the SGA’s meeting on Feb. 1, Senator Jessica Spoor filed a motion for Donohue to be impeached on the grounds of incompetency and workplace inefficiency. Senator Jessica Spoor announced her resignation hours after Donohue’s in a GroupMe message to all SGA senators.

February’s impeachment attempt failed with a vote of 17 to 11, failing to meet the required two-thirds vote for the impeachment to pass.