Marshall to Partner With Cabell-Huntington to Distribute COVID-19 Booster

Marshall University is partnering with Cabell-Huntington Health Department to administer Covid vaccine boosters on campus.

Marshall announced in an email that they would be providing booster shots from Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson to students and faculty.

The email was sent out on Oct. 22 and contained information about who was eligible for the boosters and when they could receive them.In the announcement, Marshall said they would start administering booster shots on Oct. 26 in Room BE-5 of the Memorial Student Center.

Some students have expressed unease about the booster shots.

“I feel pretty nervous about the whole booster shots,” said Marshall student Isabella Parsons. “They kind of promised us ‘Do this, and it will be over,’ but then they just keep coming out with more things.”

Parsons said that she feels hesitant about the idea of a booster, although she has already received the covid vaccine.

Other students say they will have to wait until they have learned more about the boosters before deciding to take them.

“I’ve not done enough research to see, ‘oh, well we don’t really need a booster’ or if it’s necessary,” said Marshall student Quinton Bogner. “I’m not the person who agrees with the government on everything.”

The announcement also mentioned Marshall’s partnering with Cabell-Huntington Health Department to provide students and faculty with the booster, which some students view positively.“I support it,” said Parsons. “They’re wanting to help students come to school without masks, without all these regulations. And if that means working with the Health Department and the hospitals to get all these boosters out, I support it.”

Marshall, in their announcements, also said that they would be reaching out, through email, to students and faculty who had previously received their initial vaccines on campus for them to schedule an appointment for the booster.