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Saving Humanity: What we must do by H. Dan Rice

Born in 1943, H. Dan Rice brings a short, but thought-provoking story overviewing his view of his generation’s accomplishments and shortcomings and key points he thinks the younger generations should think about to make the world a better place.

Rice notes that his generation has made great accomplishments moving the world forward, but yet he also says they have failed at some of the most important responsibilities in terms of making the world a safer place, overcoming hatred and ensuring the preservation of the world.

One thing I truly respected about Rice was within the first couple of pages, he admitted that he may sometimes mistakenly offend, by lack of knowledge and understanding and asks that it be made know to him.

It is hard not to respect Rice for his openness and willngness to learn something he has yet to understand in his lifetime.

Rice takes readers through history to give his persepective on the events.

He uses snippet stories to help illustrate his point and how he believes things can be improved in the world.

Rice openly shares his disappoint in the current presence of hatred and discrimination in the world and how this are learned behaviors that an be unlearned.

I enjoyed this short read and seeing the perspective of a baby boomer who not only sees the flaws of his generation, but hopes to inspire change through his experiences.

If you are looking for a short, from-the-heart read from someone hoping for a better tomorrow, this is a nice read.

Dan Rice is a retired businessman and farmer. He and his wife, Bernadette, reside in a small, West Virginia town. Dan’s career took him all, where he discovered how similar peeopleareinday-to-daylife.

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