Welcome to Marshall

David Dampier, College of Engineering and Computer Science

Welcome to the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences. These are exciting times in the college. We have approximately 500 undergraduate students in 7 programs and 100 graduate students in 9 programs. For the past year, we have been engaged in an effort to become more efficient. What this means is that we are reducing all of our undergraduate degree programs to 124 credit hours if possi- ble, and we are creating Accelerated Master’s Degree (AMD) programs for all of our under- graduate disciplines. If a student excels in their undergraduate program, they can possibly get a master’s degree within one year of finishing their B.S. degree, making them more market- able and it increases their starting salary by $10,000 or more upon graduation.

We are an engaged college. We have active student organizations in several of our departments, including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer sciences and electrical engineering and applied science and technology. Additionally, we have a leadership program where students can engage in extracurricular activities to help in recruiting and advertising the college’s programs.

We are excited for the new year ahead of us and we look forward to getting to know you. We hope that you are also excited and enjoy your time in the college. If you are already one of our majors, we look forward to seeing you in our classes. If you are still undecided, we hope that you will give us a try!


Wendell Dobbs, College of Arts and Media

The College of Arts and Media (CAM) is home to many of the brightest and most cre- ative students at Marshall University. Our college is composed of four schools—the W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications, the School of Theatre and Dance, the School of Music, the School of Art and Design. CAM is also the home of the Mar- shall Artists Series. When I think about our four schools and search for a common denomina- tor, it has to be communication, and that’s what makes life in our college so exciting. In the W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Com- munications, you’ll use words in a variety of print and broadcast journalistic media, adver- tising and PR. Words are also essential in the School of Theatre and Dance where the spoke the spoken word is combined with stagecraft and movement. In the School of Music, you’ll use expressive organized sound as a means of communication, sometimes using words as well. Finally, in the School Art and Design, communication finds life through expressive visual art across a wide array of media. CAM also hosts two interdisciplinary programs. The first is the CAM Video Production program,which combines journalistic video with digital video art. The other is our new Musical The- atre program, which combines music, theatre and dance. So, whether you want to major, mi- nor or just participate, come explore the world of arts and media with us in CAM.


Michael Prewitt, College of Health Professions

The College of Health Professions is excited for the dawn of a new aca- demic year at Marshall University. Putting so many of the restraints of Covid-19 behind us we are ecstatic to return to mostly normal classroom, clinical, and laboratory settings. We are eagerly preparing our facilities to train the next generation of healthcare providers across the medical spectrum and look forward to you being part of that future. The College of Health Professions ho-uses majors in Athletic Training, Biomechanics, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Communication Disorders, Dietetics, Exercise Science, Health Sciences, Medical Imaging, Nursing, Physical Therapy (doctoral degree), Public Health (master’s degree), Respiratory Care, Social Work, and Sport Management. We train the future of healthcare… and that future is you. Welcome to Marshall University and the College of Health Professions.


Robert BookWalter, College of Liberal Arts

Welcome to Marshall University’s College of Liberal Arts (COLA). We are proud to offer programs that can help you become the smarter, more talented, successful person you are meant to be. Our majors in COLA focus on the knowledge you need to think, analyze, reason, solve problems, communicate, collaborate, and lead.

All these disciplines are valuable in helping us understand who we are, where we came from, and how we can improve our communities, our culture, and our working relationships. They also have strong economic value. Our graduates find excellent careers in business, law, education, health care, government, social service, entrepreneurship, technology, media, finance, communication, and many other fields.

We are called the “liberal” arts because the skills we emphasize are necessary for free citizens to productively participate in the social, political, and economic life of their communities. We want to help you make the world better by making yourself better. We are excited to help you start your journey to a better self, a better community, and a successful career.


Charles Somerville, College of Science

On behalf of the dedicated COS faculty and staff, it is my pleasure to welcome you to–or back to– Marshall for the start of the 2022 Academic Year. We are glad that you are here, and I want you to know that, whether you are in a COS major or not, we are here to help you reach your goals.

COS faculty and staff are here to help you find your place, and navigate your pathway to success. For example; if you are interested in preparation for a career as a physician, dentist, veterinarian, pharmacist, etc., you should know that pre-professional advising is done in the COS office – room 270 in the Science Building. We also sponsor hundreds of

undergraduate research projects each year. If you are interested in studying anything from indi- vidual molecules to galaxies, we probably have someone who is conducting research in your area of interest, and who welcomes undergraduate students in his or her research group.

Welcome to Marshall University, you are now a member of an elite group – the sons and daugh- ters of Marshall. Be proud, and don’t forget – we are here to help!


Teresa Eagle, College of Education and Professional Development

Welcome to the Marshall University Class of 2025! I am so excited to be getting back to “normal.” Your last time in high school wasn’t exactly what you expected, but we are looking forward to a fall semester with lots of opportunities. We will still be taking some appropriate precautions of course, but you will find many activities and events that will make this the best fall term ever.

The College of Education and Professional Development (COEPD) is home to many college can be very daunting, perhaps away from home for the first time, responsible for more than you’ve ever had to be, and facing lots of new situations. There are many people here who want to see you have a successful

experience. Reach out. Ask for information or assistance. Be open to meeting new people. And while you are on campus, look around. Listen. Smile. Your best friend for life might be the very next person you meet. Your time at Mar- shall will have an impact on the rest of your life, both in preparing for a career and in growing as a person. You will look back and remember so many wonderful things…the things that are in front of you right now! If you are still trying to decide what that career might be, I encourage you to consider the College of Education. Teaching is a rewarding career, and the COEPD is a great college!