‘Lunch For a Buck’ returns to Campus Christian Center

The Marshall University Campus Christian Center is offering “Lunch for a Buck” every second and fourth Tuesday of the month for students, faculty and staff.
The event is from noon to 1:30 p.m. Baptist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian and Methodist churches from the local area are take turns bringing in food for the event.
CCC Office Manager Travie Ross said it usually has a good turn out.
“We had as many as 200 (attendees) in the fall semester,” Ross said. “It’s always something good to eat, and you can’t beat a dollar.”
Preacher Adam Goodwin said the lunches are to spread awareness for the programs.
“Many students walk by this building and don’t even realize that it’s here,” Goodwin said. “We have a new staff. Ben Wells is with United Methodist, and Ellen Dawson is with Presbyterian.”
The CCC offers worship services during the evenings Monday through Thursday with different denominations, depending on the day.
The CCC is located between the Memorial Student Center and Holderby Hall.
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