Westmoreland Baptist Church offers day care services for busy mothers

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Westmoreland Baptist Church is giving mothers a chance to have a day to themselves by bringing their children to the church.

The church will be open to mothers 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the fee is $13 a day.

Children who attend will be taught social skills, shapes, colors and how to write. The church will provide snacks but parents are asked to pack lunch for their children. Small worship services are also conducted for the children.

The teachers have experience and have been helping run the program for more than ten years.

Kathy Bailey, a teacher at the event, said mothers bring their children to the church for different reasons.

“It can be difficult for a mother to run errands or get other things done when they have a toddler,” Bailey said. “Most mothers drop their kids off so that they can get organized. Others drop them off so that they can clean house or just take a nap.”

Bailey said mothers from all over the area are taking advantage of this event.

“We have them coming in from parts of Ohio, as well as Ashland and Barboursville,” Bailey said. “There just aren’t very many programs like this.”

Westmoreland Baptist Church is located on 3401 Hughes Street in Huntington.

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