Campus Activities Board to host new DIY events in the spring

Fall semester’s events have come to an end, but the Campus Activities Board already has a full list of DIYs planned for the spring semester.

CAB’s DIY events for next semester are all crafts that are new to campus, and CAB member Wesley Monk said he is excited to see how they turn out.

“The DIYs that we are doing in the spring are fresh DIYs that we have never done before, so I’m really looking forward to all of them,” Monk said. “We always try to find new and cool ideas for students to enjoy.”

Some students are also already looking forward to next semester’s DIYs.

Uri Jones, a sophomore communication disorders major, said she tries to attend as many DIY events as she can, and said she thinks they are a great way to relax when she is stressed.

“I am really excited for next semester’s DIY events,” Jones said. “I think they’re a really great

place to get away from studying and school work and enjoy time with friends.” 

When planning what DIYs will be done during the DIY series, CAB uses student reactions to see what DIYs worked throughout the semester and what students seemed to enjoy.

The DIY events for next semester include Punch Needle Embroidery Jan. 23, String Art Feb. 18 and Terrarium March 11.  

Monk said he is most looking forward to the Punch Needle Embroidery DIY, and he is looking forward to the DIY series starting back up in the spring because he loves seeing how students react to these events.

 “I am a very crafty person, but one thing I haven’t done yet is punch needle work,” Monk said. “It is so rewarding to be able see the excitement on students’ faces of how happy they are when they get to create something of their own.”

Julianna Everly can be contacted at [email protected].